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“ Candid, erudite, informative, and ultimately inspiring…” 

Midwest Review, M. Dunford

“….we need more people with first-hand experience in helping largely ignored demographics to find inner peace and strength….” C. Daniels

“….Mike's message centers our own spirituality and challenges us to discover our inner strength to help us identify what is truly important in our daily lives...”     M. Daley PhD

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This book is a behind-the-scenes look at life in a men’s correctional facility, complete with alarming and surprisingly funny stories.

Mike Huggins shares letters he had written from inside, lessons he had learned along the way, and how he discovered his true calling and ultimate sense of purpose.

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"Beyond the resiliency of the human spirit, Michael Huggins journals his own spiritual growth that ultimately inspired the development of community-based programs, sharing the powerful and practical tools of yoga and mindfulness with those who would not normally have access to them."

— Rob Schware, Executive Director, The Give Back Yoga Foundation

"More than a cautionary tale that every corporate executive should read, it's an inspirational measure of a strong, centered, spiritual individual, calling us all to reset our personal GPS."

– Michael Daley, PhD., CEO of OrthogenRx, Inc.

"Powerful story that opens the mind to dysfunction with our prison system, the strength and resilience of the self, and the power and peace that can be found through yoga and in helping others."

– Amazon Reader, Going Om

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