Charisma is a sparkle in people. It can’t be bought, it can’t be taught, it just is. It's an invisible energy with visible effects. This is Mike Huggins.


Born into a middle-class Irish Catholic family, Mike knew the importance of a strong work ethic and a good education. After graduating from Villanova University, he earned his CPA and then an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. With these credentials and an entrepreneurial spirit, Mike’s business career took off. He quickly climbed the ranks into  C-suites, earning a 25-year global reputation for driving innovative product development, transforming companies from regional to global, establishing new companies, increasing sales, and building strong teams. ​


He then encountered a rather sharp turn on his corporate path. In 2009 as COO of a previous company embroiled in a medical device investigation he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor under the responsible corporate officer doctrine. This doctrine holds  executives  accountable for actions taken at lower levels of their organizations. In 2011, Mike and three fellow executives were sentenced to nine months in prison. 

As he says, “being criminally charged went against my most cherished attribute – my integrity. The common thread across my varied career was that I had unquestioned integrity. The criminal charge was a severe blow to the gut that I struggled to recover from. In short, it was devastating.”  

To cope, he turned to the yoga he had practiced and taught years before, and found it comforting. As he shared it with fellow inmates they too felt its healing powers. His entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and it soon became a comprehensive program within the prison. ​


When released, Mike declined lucrative corporate-world offers and chose to build his yoga/mindfulness/ life-enriching world, founding his Transformation Yoga Project in 2013. Today, TYP has served well over 60,000 people, has trained over 400 instructors, and covers seven counties across three states.  ​

He is an author and a TV/ radio guest, and wrote  "Going Om – A CEO’s Self-Discovery Behind Bars," after leaving prison.  He has contributed to several books focused on best practices for teaching trauma-informed yoga.


He is repeatedly asked to speak about how he was able to achieve his successes using his accessible and straightforward style ….and he is now ready to do just that.


Combining the best of both worlds, Mike has a fresh perspective on life which brilliantly transfers to inspiring leadership, and addressing key business issues from soft skills training and team building to the nuances of conducting business globally.  

Mike's Beliefs

  • Personal values drive business: trust, authenticity, empowerment of responsibility and accountability, respect, and performance. 

  • Corporations have a responsibility to those whom they can impact-employees, stakeholders, society at large. This is the sum of their reputation. 

  • Mike understands and respects the culture of people and places. He has personally studied the values, traditions, and beliefs for his many global ventures and has successfully solved a myriad of business issues using that knowledge. 

  • Mike's mental agility to merge both sides of his brain –left for logic, right for creativity-has not only increased his range of problem solving techniques but has made them that much more effective. 

You have a choice in how you behave regardless of what life throws at you. It is easy to be grateful when you reach the top of the mountain but a true measure of a person is how grateful she/he is while falling after being pushed off the mountain top.

Samples of Mike's “everyday creativity:"

France: a strong French and American management culture divide was greatly diminished when Mike organized and integrated teams to take cooking lessons learning both cuisines.

Thailand: Mike greatly improved morale of 350 female factory workers by coordinating a culturally appropriate formal event so they could exchange their everyday uniforms for evening gowns.

Hong Kong: Mike routinely invited one manager and his/her staff to lunch with home-office executives.  Staff picked the restaurant and all ate local cuisine.  Staff could ask any question of any executive. 

Mike addressed orthopedic product recall problems by having surgeons and patients demonstrate for factory workers  what can happen when the products they make are not 100% perfect. He instilled the phrase, “Would you want this product used for your loved one?”

USA: When a senior management team was formed, Mike developed interactive team engagement parameters, leveraging each executive's individual strength resulting in significantly more open and productive communication.

Mike improved trust/communication with field sales through a “senate” of field sales people and senior administration who met regularly to discuss  problems and issues of those working in the trenches as well as those running the show.


His range of solutions and how effective they are will captivate you.  


And his character will awe you, like this one example:

When 9/11 happened, Mike immediately coordinated  with the New York mayor's office, the VP of UPS and an executive of a large level 1 trauma hospital to coordinate the delivery of two large trailers loaded with medical equipment. The trucks drove nonstop from Colorado and were able to enter the "no traffic" area to triage at the trauma hospital.

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