A CEO's Self-Discovery Behind Bars

I always followed the rules, never rocked the boat, and everyone called me "Saint Michael" growing up. I received an MBA from Wharton, became a successful CEO, and then...went to prison...for a misdemeanor.


Going Om is my story of a man who was least likely to end up in prison, where I unexpectedly discover my true calling and ultimate sense of purpose.

I share a behind-the-scenes look at life in a men's correctional facility, complete with alarming and surprisingly funny stories, letters I had written from inside, and lessons learned along the way.

Yoga gave me the strength, direction, and tools needed to calmly shift from my role as a corporate executive to sharing a cell in an often-corrupt prison system. Before long, I started teaching other incarcerated men breathing exercises, anger management, and how to be spiritually free.



A practical guide for healing

Co-written with Andrew Moore, this book supports individuals in substance abuse recovery in maintaining a home-based yoga practice, while utilizing a set of yoga and mindfulness-based exercises proven to support those in recovery.

Yoga for Recovery: A Practical Guide for Healing is a resource for developing a trauma-sensitive yoga practice to support anyone in recovery or seeking personal growth.

This guide provides a partial approach for developing a complete yoga and mindfulness practice, including breathing techniques, mindful movement, and meditation. With helpful tools for dealing with stress, tension, addiction, and anxiety, this book is for people who would otherwise not have access to yoga, or who would like to continue their practice outside of a studio setting.

“We view recovery as a shift in perspective and life-long behavioral changes. Our programming is driven by the recognition that individuals have the power to take their wellbeing into their own hands. This book provides the practical tools to support them along the way.”

— Nicole Breen, Transformation Yoga Project Director of Recovery

Best Practices for Yoga with Veterans

This book is designed to help not only yoga teachers wanting to work with veterans, but also individuals in the medical field working with veterans and veteran family members, as well as VA administrators, and veterans’ organizations.

Best Practices for Yoga in the Criminal Justice System

This book synthesizes the knowledge and experience of 29 leaders in the field into a user-friendly guide that explains how to develop, implement, and sustain high-quality yoga programs appropriate for jails, prisons, youth detention centers, and court-ordered programs.

My Wish

Through all of my work, I continue to give back by sharing my experiences and beliefs on ethics and responsibility both personally and professionally.


Everyone should learn to recognize when it is time for change, that where you are doesn’t define who you are, and to learn to live life to the fullest.

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