Five Techniques for Developing Resilience


Mike brings his experiences from CEO to Yogi to Author to Speaker to his interactive, inspiring talks. He's available for your event to discuss practical ways for dealing with life’s challenges including:


Mindfulness in the Real World

Gratitude in Time of Trouble

Career Changes

Crisis Management well as themes from his best selling book Going Om: A CEO’s Self-Discovery Behind Bars.

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Resiliency is developed by accepting that change is part of living, that crisis are not insurmountable problems, by maintain a hopeful attitude and by looking for opportunities for self-discovery. Mike provides techniques for building personal resilience incorporating emotional intelligence, values, strengths, connection and managing physical energy.


It’s easy to be grateful as you climb the mountain but what defines you is how you react when you tumble to the bottom.  Mike will provide insight into healthy ways we can cope with circumstances beyond our control in an often unforgiving and uncompassionate environment.


What is mindfulness, and how can you use it to enhance well-being on and off the job? Mike provides techniques that ease and improve interaction with your family or co-workers, especially in high-stress situations.


We seem fixated on publicly shaming those we whom we might disagree. Reputation dexterity is about reclaiming your life in a way that deals with the issues in a manner that you remain true to yourself. Mike will share his ideas and experiences bringing fresh and compelling perspectives –whether story telling or teaching-and he will make every minute count.

Topics for Keynotes

and Workshops

  • From CEO to Prison Inmate
    The Boardroom Yogi’s true story: From managing billion dollar businesses to prison inmate and back again

  • Reaching Beyond the Bars
    How I used my incarceration to provide empowerment tools that tap into human potential and change lives

  • Toxic Masculinity is STILL in the News
    No more tough-guys, PLEASE! Let’s bring back the “gentle-man”

  • I’m White, Male Privileged, Outside and Inside
    Let’s take the blinders off and figure out how to level the playing field once and for all

  • Reputation Repair 911:
    When the S**T hits the fan, how to survive and rebuild your relationships, reputation and career

  • Monday Morning Mantras!
    My 3M simple, but life-changing strategies to cut through stressful mental clutter

  • Did You Climb the Wrong
    Corporate Ladder? Sometimes you need a radical change. Leverage your past to restart a fulfilling future

  • “ANYTHING is available for a price”
    Surprising capitalism - behind the bars lessons I learned from the underground prison economy

Sampling of Engagements

Health Management & Mindfulness Community  


Philadelphia Health Management Corporation (oversees prisoner reentry and recovery services) 
Yoga for Recovery


Economic Development Council – Best Practices Conference at Lankenau Medical Center

Yoga for Recovery  

Onward Behavioral Health 
Yoga as a Tool for IOP Therapy (Intensive Outpatient Program)


Beyond the Walls: Prison Healthcare and Reentry Summit at the Philadelphia Convention Center
Yoga as a Means for Healing Inside and Out


Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association

Mindfulness for Correctional Officers


The Searchlight Series at Eastern State Penitentiary & Museum
Prison Yoga 


Deuel Vocational Institution

Going Om: A CEO’s Journey from a Prison Facility to Spiritual Tranquility​

Namas Day Yoga Conference at WHYY TV
Yoga in Action: Community Service

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