Mike is hard-working, passionate, committed. He is able to motivate individuals and/or teams, taking complicated tasks and breaking them down into understandable and actionable tasks. 


  • Reputation management success

  • Company-wide understanding of corporate mission

  • Leadership and management skills

  •  Improved employee morale

  • Efficient information flow from leadership to staff

Mike delivers through emotionally-charged rich storytelling, helping your team retain key points while enjoying a highly entertaining experience. People remember not only what they learned but how they felt.

“I am able to tailor my message to a variety of audiences making it both authentic & relatable. I have a positive message that resonates, and I easily relate to the everyday person who may be looking to reposition their carrier or life.”  

Mike will make every minute count. Your group will be moved and inspired while gaining practical tools to improve their performance. He will challenge their beliefs and attitudes. 

It will be fun. It will be interactive. It will be exciting. Most importantly, Mike will provide your business from C-suite down with the tools enabling them to create workplace breakthroughs and inspire teamwork to think bigger and to reach further.

What Mike has experienced and will pass on is that leaders must take nothing for granted.  Circumstances can change — literally overnight — upend everything and destroy one’s reputation. Everyone will walk away with practical tools for changing their perspective while improving performance.

Mike focuses on building confident and educated business teams who understand risks and make smart, compliant decisions. He has a wealth of business knowledge for audiences of all sizes and all skill levels. He will share his path on his arduous and unexpected road less traveled: how he tumbled down from top to bottom and  how he fiercely climbed his way back up.

The results are always the same — passionate attendees are inspired to make positive changes.


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