Creative people do the unexpected, and when they do, remarkable new horizons open.


Leader, Corporate Strategist, and Professional Keynote Speaker

Training, coaching and transforming organizations across the globe.


  • He challenges assumptions and conventional wisdom

  • He builds courage to foster responsible risk-taking

  • He develops “everyday creativity” to attack business problems of all sizes

  • He designs fresh approaches for reinvention and growth

As a global corporate executive who successfully built businesses and developed support systems, this is exactly what Mike did.


Whether through seminars, trainings, consultations, or keynote speaking, he will use his team-oriented leadership style to bring you remarkable and unusual ways to empower, motivate and guide your employees and others.


Willistown Friends Lecture – "White Privilege", Sept. 2018


Mike is a master of business and a treasure trove of profound wisdom and understanding of human psychology. Your audience will  relate to his substance and depth. He will make every minute count, bringing fresh and compelling perspectives.They will leave  with  new ideas, new ways of conducting business and new feelings of empowerment.



Equipped with decades of business experience, having  phenomenal success and  painful failure, Mike is a seasoned pro who provides valuable insight into the workings of business. He has developed a worldwide reputation for integrity and  conducting business with the highest standards of quality.


Mike focuses on building confident and educated business teams who understand risks and make smart, compliant decisions. He is known globally for his inventive approaches and ability to work proactively with clients  and employees to find practical solutions.He will teach those tools necessary for your business or organization to achieve the successes he has fostered.



What drives Mike?Providing employees practical tools for  living full and productive lives-professionally and personally. His personal concepts of integrity, awareness, and compassion have translated into the corporate world for proven improved performance and documented successful bottom lines.


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