Mike will share his arduous and unexpected road less traveled-- how he tumbled from top to bottom and how he fiercely climbed his way back up.


  • Mike believes personal values drive business: trust, authenticity, empowerment of responsibility and accountability, respect, and performance. 

  • Mike believes corporations have a responsibility to those whom they can impact-employees, stakeholders, society at large. This is the sum of their reputation. 

  • Mike understands and respects the culture of people and places.   He has personally studied the values, traditions, and beliefs for his many global ventures and has successfully solved a myriad of business issues using that knowledge. 

  • Mike's mental agility to merge both sides of his brain –left for logic, right for creativity-has not only increased his range of problem solving techniques but has made them that much more effective. 

  • Mike's message is that you have a choice in how you behave regardless of what life throws at you. ….it is easy to be grateful when you reach the top of the mountain but a true measure of a person is how grateful she/he is while falling after being pushed off the mountain top.


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