The Global Executive who went to prison as a responsible corporate officer is now a champion for personal and professional integrity and accountability.

Mike is available for corporate HR, executives, general management, professional groups/ organizations, regulatory organizations, legal compliance, and much more.


The culture of business has changed dramatically in the last few years and companies are racing to gain protective knowledge. Now is the time to safeguard your company’s reputation, educate your employees on the dangers and pitfalls that could easily derail them, and manage and mitigate your organizational risk.


Mike delivers through emotionally-charged rich storytelling, helping your audience retain key points while enjoying a highly entertaining experience. People remember not only what they learned but how they felt.


Mike will make every minute count, challenging beliefs and attitudes. It will be fun. It will be interactive. It will be exciting. Most importantly, Mike will provide your business from C-suite down with the tools enabling them to create workplace breakthroughs, inspire teamwork to think bigger, and to reach further.


What Mike has experienced and will pass on is that leaders must take nothing for granted.  Circumstances can change — literally overnight — upend everything and destroy one’s reputation. The audience will walk away with practical tools for changing their perspective while improving performance.


Mike focuses on building confident and educated business teams who understand risks and make smart, compliant decisions. He has a wealth of business knowledge for audiences of all sizes and skill levels. He'll share his path on an arduous and unexpected road less traveled: tumbling down from top to bottom, and how he fiercely climbed his way back up.

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